About Us

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Transform Student Ministries exists because we believe that the Word of God makes all the difference. More than any other Words in existence, God’s Words have the power and mercy to transform us from the inside out. It’s the gospel. And it’s for students. No watering down, talking down or putting down; everything we do is to guide and love students by teaching them how to study the Scriptures for themselves using the inductive Bible study method.

How do we do this? Transform Student Ministries is a department of Precept Ministries International, a non-denominational organization with one mission: to establish people in God’s Word. Precept actually started up as a student ministry in the 1970s, teaching the unfiltered truth of the Bible through the inductive Bible study method. Since then, it has crossed oceans and borders into over 180 countries, so that the Word of God is both accessible and approachable for everyday life around the globe.

Precept has continued to prioritize ministering to students of all ages, especially those in high school and college. We live for students to know the truth of God’s Word, to let it sink in and soak and work and change. Our days are made when we receive prayer requests and messages from our students. But the biggest reason we’re excited to come into work in the mornings is because of the students who have grown up.  Because they are walking with the Lord as parents and pastors, artists and entrepreneurs, we praise God and continue pouring into the students He sends our way.

If you have any questions about our team, please email us on the contact page, and we will get back with you quickly!