2009 Intern Testimonies



The ENGAGE internship was probably one of the most beneficial things that I have done with my life. I have learned so much about my God, personal faith, and my personal life. I have a better understanding of how I can be used by God. I highly recommend this program to any who desire to more »


This training has equipped me very well to carry out the word and teach others to study the word for themselves. I’ve really enjoyed thinking of ways to use what God’s equipped me to do in the settings I spend time with my generation. For as much fun as it has been it’s also been more »


The ENGAGE Internship has opened my eyes to the vitality of knowing God’s Word. Knowing God’s Word in order to know Him but also to be ready to give an account of hope to a generation that is thirsting for truth. As a result of this program my knowledge of who God is has deepened, more »


The ENGAGE internship was an amazing experience in so many ways!  The training we received was rigorous at times but extremely beneficial as I now feel better prepared to teach and lead others how to discover the Truth for themselves.  Through the opportunity to teach at EQUIP Boot Camps, I learned to depend upon God more »