2012 Intern Testimonies



To say this internship was an incredible blessing is an understatement. I have done about a year’s worth of growing in the span of two and a half months. God has better equipped me to be a better leader and man, as well as a better steward of His Word and the Gospel. This particular more »

Courtney G.

I have never known a place like this where you are poured into to the point of overflowing and challenged to go farther than you think you can go. It’s here that whatever self you were holding onto falls away and the Holy Spirit is given free rein to work in and through you in more »


The ENGAGE Internship was just what I expected, and more! I knew I would receive quality training for Bible study and small-group leading, and that I would live in a community of like-minded individuals. What I did not realize was how God was going to challenge me to grow both in His Word, and in more »


I found myself daily encountering God and His Word in a way that I could really understand. At the same time I was learning to study, I found myself teaching and having to live out what I was reading about every day. This summer reaffirmed that the only thing that matters in this life is more »


God has used this internship in a great way in my life. Not only did I get a more solid understanding of how the inductive study method works, but I also was equipped with how to share what I learned with others. The community of believers that I was surrounded by will forever be great more »


The most significant thing I learned during this internship is that God created us differently so we can get a better picture of who He is. Too often we elevate one way of “doing church” over another, or use our theology to tear others down rather than build one another up in the love of more »


When our resurrected Savior appeared to Mary Magdalene, she flew into His arms, repeating His name. When our resurrected Savior appeared to Thomas, he was so shaken by his doubt that all he could do was place his trembling hands in Christ’s side; all he could do was touch His scars. That’s what this summer more »


I can honestly say that the ten-week ENGAGE internship has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. First of all, through the training I received during the internship, I have honed my inductive Bible study skills, learned how to lead small group discussions, and discovered what a true Spirit-filled community can look more »

Courtney M.

This summer has been one of the best summers of my life! As cliché as that sounds, there are several reasons why, one being that I spent ten weeks submerged in God’s Word and had many godly people pouring their lives into my life. Secondly, the fact that I gained lifelong friendships with my fellow more »


Wow —what an incredible summer! As I look back on my time spent in the Intern Program, I am amazed at what God has done. Never in my life have I experienced such a beautiful picture of community. Though far from perfect, our time spent together allowed me to see exactly what Christ intended His more »