Friendship of David & Jonathan (pt. 2)

Last week I discussed the friendship between Jonathan and David. Theirs was a God-given bond. This week I want to discuss their relationship by asking a few questions to challenge, motivate, and inspire us in our friendships today.

Do you have any friends like David or Jonathan?

When you read 1 Samuel 18:1, do you know what it means to have your soul knit to a friend’s? God does make these types of friendships happen. I have a few men in my life who I have been friends with for many years. Our relationships are so familiar that I don’t really remember getting to know them. The description of the instant bond between David and Jonathan makes perfect sense to me. I praise God for these friends for many reasons. The bond with them is stronger than any of the circumstances we have been through together or any of the boneheaded things we have said to each other. It is strong because it comes from God. I know that he put these men in my life, and if I had the time, I could give, as proof, the ways he has used each of them. They are friends like brothers and we comfort each other, respect each other, hold each other accountable, and just generally enjoy God and life together. To put it simply, having David-Jonathan style friendships with other godly men has brought me closer to God. 

If you do not have friends like this, pray that God will put them in your life, and be looking for them. God is faithful and he loves to see his children in strong relationships. Along with praying for God to act, ask yourself this next question.

Are you the kind of friend to others that Jonathan and David were?

This one is not as easy to answer because it requires something of us. We don’t always want to answer those types of questions. But it is very important that each of us take a look at ourselves and the way we treat other people. If we want to have the type of friends I have been talking about here, then we have to be willing to be that kind of friend. We saw in Jonathan that it requires a self-sacrificing nature. He put David before himself, and we have to be ready to do the same. This is, in essence, personal humility which comes from a right relationship with God. It does not matter how you look at it, your relationship to God is simple: He is almighty, absolutely holy, and calls all the shots. You are and do none of those things, and stand before him because he is also merciful and full of wonderful grace. It is a humbling fact; one we should always be aware of. Jonathan knew his place before God, and was thus able to have the type of humility necessary to be a good friend.

You also need to be a faithful friend. David showed his faithfulness to Jonathan despite the many outside voices telling him to turn against his friend. He learned this type of faithfulness in the example of God. The LORD was always with David when he went to battle. From Goliath to the end of his life, it seems like David was never scared to take on any adversary. This was because he knew that God was faithful to protect and cover him. Like a child learns from his father, David learned this trait from the LORD and brought it into his relationship with Jonathan. Are you ready to be in a friendship that transcends national-scale war, a murderous father, and even your own lifetime? If you found your relationship on the faithfulness which comes from God, then yes, you are.

David and Jonathan and many others in the Bible have a lot to teach us about godly friendships and our responsibilities in them. However, each of them boils down to this one question.

Are you focusing on God, yourself, or other people?

Two of those possible answers will disappoint you, in the end. If your focus is on God in your private and public life, then you will begin to learn and exhibit His way of doing things. If you want to have strong friendships, then focus on God first and let Him build you into the friend you need to be and let Him bring you the friends you need to have. If you don’t understand the friendship of Jonathan and David from first-hand experience, focus on God so that He might show you. If you have these types of friends, focus on God that He might sustain them so you can keep being blessed by them. God is good, and He has a plan for each of our lives. He planned to bring David and Jonathan together for very specific reasons. Trust in His plan, and trust in Him to work in your life. “The LORD is in his holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him (Habakkuk 2:22).” Give your life, including your friendships up to God. He’s much better at this stuff than we are.

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