Why Should Students Study the Bible: It’s More Than An Experience…


It seems everyone wants to know God but no one wants to take the time to know God. Most people I have talked to feel that what it means to know God is having an “experience”. I’ve heard things like:

 “I went to this conference and man I have never felt closer to God like I was when I was there.”

“This song brings me so near to God. I can truly worship to this song.”

Usually, the experience lasts for the 3 or 4 minutes of the song or maybe a couple of months after the conference ends. You know what happens then?  The hardships of life return and that feeling you get when you feel close to God just isn’t quite there.

Listen, I am not dogging on conferences or worship songs because we hold conferences and camps here too, like: December Student Conference, Boot Camps, and Foundations Camp, and I am worship leader myself and really enjoy it greatly. However, if we rely upon camps and songs to give us a relationship with God we can’t expect a lasting foundational relationship with God. It’s no wonder we continue to look for alternatives to recover that absent feeling.

We Want More

I remember being in youth group and struggling to feel. I went to the big camps. I led worship. I was part of the big lights and fog and the excitement. I was always looking for the next big thing. Yet it still wasn’t enough. I wanted more.

I sense this is a common problem.  Students want to be a part of something that makes them feel good about themselves. The camps and the lights and the songs make them feel good…for a while. But if that is what they are relying for a connection to God then they eventually have to have something else. I’ve seen it. Campers who were “on fire” for God while at camp then made decisions later in life they regretted.

We give them the experiences. We give them the songs. We give them the big motivational speakers. We give them the lights. We give them fun. What else do they want? What do they need?

Students Need to Study the Word of God

As teachers of the Word, we all take the time to study God’s Word for our messages or teachings. As we discover so many wonderful truths, we are eager to share it with the group and want them to get just as excited as we are, right? Yet, it always seems that they don’t quite get as excited as we do and we wonder why? Remember, WE TOOK THE TIME TO STUDY GOD’S WORD AND THEY DIDN’T! 

Once students understand what the Word of God says and they understand how to observe it, interpret it correctly… then as they learn how to accurately apply it to life, they will truly be able to see for themselves why they are here on earth. Students will begin to understand that they aren’t here to be entertained or to gain one experience after another, they will know for themselves that they are here, namely, to glorify God.

“But He said, “On the contrary, blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.”” – Luk 11:28 NASB

I hope you enjoy the coming blogs on “Why Students Need to Study the Bible”



Ryan Thomason works with Transform Student Ministries as the product development and events coordinator. He is married to a wonderful woman named Madison.  He has voluntarily served Precept Ministries for close to 10 years before coming on staff full time. He has interned with their media department in 2008 and with the student ministry in 2009. He has lived in Guatemala to learn Spanish. 

“I have become its servant, according to God’s administration that was given to me for you, to make God’s message fully known, the mystery hidden for ages and generations but now revealed to His saints.” Colossions 1:25-26


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